Building Modern Websites: Value Of A Modern Website Design

Why build a modern Website?

Most small businesses rely heavily on traditional or old school methods of marketing. It’s like having a straight flush in poker and refusing to play it in hopes of a royal flush. Small businesses have the opportunity to enter and get noticed by search engines and the sooner the better.

Garoot Marketing works with Squarespace, Wix and Wordpress to build modern responsive websites for small businesses. A responsive website is a website that stretches to fit any size device including mobile, desktop and tablet.

Our website designers use all the technologies available to make mobile web browsing easy by 1 click call setup, Google map setup for easy navigation for your clients, and tons of information for customers to choose your business.

E-commerce Web Designers

The difference between a successful e-commerce website and a website that looks good comes down to the bottom line, sales. Designing an e-commerce site requires extensive experience in psychology, what works and what does not, and how to grab the attention of the buyer. Retail experience can help you build a website that stands out. Everything is like a display, you need to be there and in front of your customers and well-built e-commerce site will get you there.

Five Factors To Consider

Color: Choosing a color scheme can make your website stand out, or have visitors stray away. Build your logo, your brand with neutral colors and have your products pop!

Design: Design your website to include your best products forward like you would do for your display. Make it stand out; add creative add-ons to help the experience.

Above The Fold: Each web page should be designed with the most important and interested information upfront. This is where the above fold becomes important. Show your products upfront and centered.

Contact Information: Making your contact information easy for your clients is another big factor to consider when building your e-commerce website. Your potential clients will go to a different e-commerce site if they can’t contact you easily. Think about how Amazon built their business around a customer experience.

Navigation: A well designed navigation bar will help your clients find the products they are searching for, while being able to discover other products you are selling. Build modern websites with options for navigation and design.

Selling your Services? Build a website for that

Do you provide a service and in need of a website to stand out and get real leads? Garoot Marketing’s local web designers can help you build a content oriented website that can generate leads for your business. We provide full design, logo, and content information. Original content created from Youtube tutorials, while we create unique graphic designs to match. We work with designers, salespeople, realtors, photographers, transportation companies, and home improvement specialists.

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