3 Things to do now to improve you’re ranking on Google

3 Things to do now to improve you’re ranking on Google

1.       Write 3-5 blog posts per landing page

2.       Hire a graphic designer or draw custom graphics for your blog posts

3.       Align Title Tags, Descriptive Tags, Header tags for your landing pages



Write Blog Posts for your landing pages

Most small businesses that are not working with a marketing firm are struggling to get their content out in front of audience. The internet is rigged, we have seen some say. Google does not like my business, thus its not showing my pages to users. There are answers to your online problems, and we are here to help. Google and Bing love content that is informative, descriptive, and detailed. Millions of people search for information, products and services each day and finding results is what Google does best. Google searches through web pages and writing blog posts will help your pages be identified as valuable content and will display it to people searching for your product. Be sure to start with 2-3 blog posts per week linking back to a single landing page based off the search query you identified as something people would search for to reach your business.

Hire a Graphic Designer or Draw Custom Graphics for Blog Posts

Search engines like Google and Bing rank blog-posts and graphics on blog posts. If your blog post is not performing, chances are not well written, graphics are not original, and lack details.

Garoot Marketing and our team of bloggers/web designer’s work together to build websites that will rank well, and provide an excellent Return-on-Investment for our clients. Choose us to get started today.

Graphic Designers can design simple, yet effective graphics to get your blog posts noticed online. Our marketing teams use Alt Image tags to categorize and describe our images to search engines and that helps web pages rank better.

Aligning Title, Description and Header Tags

Building a sound website requires an understanding what’s under the hood of your website, and why its struggling to rank. Search engines like Google and Bing use over 200 different indicators to determine your ranking and no one truly knows how all of it fits together. What we do know is how Google uses web page titles, descriptions and header tags to categories each page and ranks it.

Our web designers align each title page, description and header tags to use a variation of the phrase to provide a consistent and accurate description of the page.

Example: Page is about Chocolate Scented Candles

Title: Chocolate Scented Candles For Sale

Description: Discover why so many customers are choosing our Chocolate Scented Candles. Check out our winter sale for scented candles today.

Header Tag:  Best Chocolate Scented candles

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Whether you’re starting off, or a season veteran, our tips are great for those interested in learning SEO, building websites and ranking well. Schedule a free consultation with our web designers in Granada Hills today.