Finding Web Design Inspirations Los Angeles

How To: Find Web Design Inspirations

The coffee shop web designer/developer is common reality in Los Angeles. Tons of web designers, web developers and content creators are at your local Coffee Bean if your in west side, or Starbucks everywhere else (If you can guess where I am at, you win $50 Off your website design).

Most of us are staring at a page, or trying to find inspiration and it is not an easy task. Most clients do not understand that inspiration and design are priceless. These are ideas that come to you, if given the chance for your mind to inspire to it.. It is limited in nature and exciting once it starts flowing.

Here I am at a local coffee shop with a big project in hand, and limited inspiration. I will share my experience first hand at how I usually find inspiration through research, google searches, and spacing out.

Coffee Shop inspirations

Step 1. Search through Google Images for creative logos, creative t shirt designs, creative graphics, color scheme ideas.

Googling Google

Creative Logos can help you start a logo design, get you the color ideas and scheme through different inspirations you find online. Once you discovered your logo design, that will flow naturally into the website you are planning to build.

I searched for creative Tshirt designs and got more confused. The options made me more confused, and less inspired. Each project is different, but often can weld different results.

Color Scheme ideas came up with some beautiful results that inspired and helped me visualize where i need to go and how i should get there.


Step 2.  Understanding my clients and audience of my client to ensure a harmonious balance between wants, and how clients will view the results.

My client is a psychologists expanding and partnering with other psychologists to create a group of professionals to help people in need. My clients are detail oriented, and looking for simplicity and originality. Most psychologist services are searched online by people suffering and need information, easy appointment setting, discretion, psychologist office location and contact information.

Determined the best platform for my client is Squarespace based off a simple design, easy of use, responsive and secure.

Discovered people searching for a psychologist are in need of a specialists for their particular trauma. I found that many psychologists list their specialties and that helps search engines rank your website higher, helps clients searching for a specialists easy to find, and provides useful content for the website design.

My thoughts started racing and quickly wanted to display a map for directions, and for geo mapping on Google maps. This will put my client on Google maps, and help potential customers find my client.

I made sure to include mobile dialing when clients click to call from a mobile device. I had a good amount of content and now it was time to put it into a sketch.  

Web Design ideas

Step 3. Taking a sketch of what the home page should look like based off my clients requests I began designing the layout of the homepage in Squarespace.

Sketching your inspired Website
  1. Had a color scheme which helped significantly

  2. My client provided the necessary information i needed to create titles, and start creating the content for my body, and headers.

  3. Taking my experience of keyword analysis and my clients experience with her own clients, we create search phrases that are important and should be throughout our website.

Inspiration came after searching through creative ideas, color themes and occasional blank stares into nothingness at a local coffee shop. The inspiration is within, and letting your mind explore will help you build something your proud of.

For help with your website design, finding inspiration in web design or anything artistic, take my advice and let your mind wonder. Go for a walk and clear your mind if you feel overwhelmed. That was my first todo before even writing a single line of code.

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