Website Design Services For Small Business (Learn Prices)

Website Design Services For Small Business

Marketing Small Business Los Angeles

Garoot Marketing is your local boutique web design and marketing firm for small businesses interested in building a website for informative and ecommerce purposes. In Los Angeles, our urban demographics are always changing and new and upcoming startups are being funded by Venture capitalists in addition to traditional funding.

Building a fast and functional website to start selling your product and services is a must. Expanding your services and joining others in your industry will help you get noticed as a small business, open opportunities for collaboration, and new clients. Our web designer in Los Angeles offer low prices and amazing service for small businesses.

Informative Sites Vs E-Commerce Sites

Informative Sites are great for service businesses that are looking for sales leads in Los Angeles. We build trustworthy businesses that have the right SSL and security to protect consumers that enter their private information.

We build custom website through Squarespace which uses https instead of old http URL methods. In addition to faster and more secure World Wide Web, Squarespace provides SSL certificates that come standard when you purchase a domain through their website.

Build your informative website and let it start generating sales leads for your industry. Our content creators can help you blog about new products and services, share benefits, tips, tricks and up to date information regarding what makes you do what you do.

In comparison, a fully functional e-commerce site needs to have the right security and functionality needed to make purchasing easy. We use Shopify as a platform and help small businesses sell products easily. Our website designers can custom build a website that meets your business goals and begins getting noticed on search engines like Bing and Google.

Understanding Website Design Costs

There are a few key terms that will help you understand the costs behind a website and why so many Los Angeles freelance web designers charge so much.

Hosting and Domain Costs

As a small business owner, you need to be aware that hosting a website online has costs. A hosting plan for Squarespace can cost anywhere from $12-$18 for an informative personal and small business site. Costs increase when you decide to pay month to month. In comparison to Shopify, fully functional Ecommerce site can costs anywhere between $30 to $300 depending on the size of your store and other details. Domains tend to cost $14 to $20 for your domain name (

Designing Costs

Most small business owners fall for the biggest mistake of starting a small business, getting cheap on their website. A well-built and functional website takes time to build, while you build content, create graphics, elements, and design. In Los Angeles, rates can vary from $50-$150 hourly rate for web design services while in other countries, costs are far less.

In California and rest of United States, we have higher set of standards for website design, creativity, content, English and so on. Web designers in India, and abroad will most often leave you with imperfections, sloppy designs, and missing functionality.

Garoot Marketing is here to help you with questions, concerns, and getting started. Our freelance website designers are Los Angeles based, and offer amazing deals on quality new website design, repairing websites, and maintenance. Schedule a free evaluation today.