Typography: What it says about your website

Typography: What it says about your website

Have you stumbled upon a website that looks and projects everything and more that the company represents? Typography has a lot to do with the how a website is displayed, viewed and understood. Our web designers use typography to build beautiful websites with Squarespace, Wordpress and Shopify.

Understanding typography and displaying your information elegantly can help you convert visitors into sales lead or have dissatisfied visitors looking elsewhere. When to use ALL CAPS, Underline Text, and italics is crucial in your website. They even provide SEO benefits when used properly.

Typography in web design

Our web designers turn complex content by carefully articulating your message with typography. There are four common areas’ to focus on when you use typography for your website.

Size of Fonts

Displaying font is important and the size of the font matters when it comes to a proper website design. The fonts can be hard to read when some web designers design a company page. It can be too large that leaves your content below the fold. Best practice for responsive web design for fonts is keeping your h1 tag the largest. A good size for most people is 48 pixels, however, that can change based off of perspective. H2 tags and H3 tags should be used throughout your website to catch your visitor’s attention and show them quickly how to find what they are looking for.  Size does matter, when it comes to fonts and designing a website for your business.

Color of Fonts

Fonts have style designs and colors which invoke emotions in users if done correctly and with intend. Garoot Marketing uses color theory to invoke the right emotion, whether it’s to surprise your users with new information, anger them into taking action, or keep them satisfied to come back for more.

Color theory can help your visitors stay longer, engage with your content or leave immediately. Build your website accordingly, or hire our website designers for more information.

Style of Fonts

Are you designing your website with a modern designed font, calligraphy style, or standard? Serif is the most widely used font style in modern web design and for good reason. Most visitors find it easy to view, less cluttered and web browsers display it correctly.  Choose your style and be consistent with your font styles. As perception changes, same does our willingness to love the font we originally selected. Ask your surroundings if the font you select is a good fit for your website. Find a designer to help you select the best font for your business.  


Compatibility use to be a big factor in how we displayed typography for websites in the early 2000’s. Today, modern platforms like Squarespace and Shopify provide a simple way to make your sites compatible throughout the web. Whether you are using Google’s Chrome browser, Firefox or Safari, your fonts tend to display accordingly or divert to something that is close to your chosen font.

Common factors of well design web site

A well designed website will use the theories of good typography, font selection, color and compatibility to choose a font that will fit well for the entire web site. Experienced web designers understand and use these factors knowledgeably. Our web designers are professionals in typography, using color and theme’s to ensure our clients get the results they need from their websites.

Schedule your free consultation today and discover why customers choose Garoot Marketing for web design and typography styles in Los Angeles.